Support & Maintenance


What’s Maintenance?

There is more to attaining success online than just creating and launching a website. It’s about the entire life-cycle of the website. A great place to start is maintaining your WordPress investment over the life of the website. Maintenance is a WebDevStudios service that helps you maintain and support your website beyond the initial build. We have put together a team of WordPress specialists that can support you along the way.

Your Website is Kind of a Big Deal


Your WordPress site will be safe and secure from malware with 24/7 monitoring and cleanup provided.


Never worry about updates again. A Maintainn team member will personally update everything for you on a weekly basis.

Dedicated Developer

No more flaky developers that quit responding to emails. You’ll now have a dedicated developer that you can trust and rely on.


Scheduled secure offsite backups keep your website content and source code safe. The Maintainn team will help restore your website in the event of a disaster.


Adding Maintainn to your team will bring years of WordPress development experience from trusted developers.


Your site can be migrated to one of Maintainn’s trusted hosts without you liftinga finger!